Monday, September 28, 2009

Hippie Girl

"Love, Peace, and Rock and Roll!" Here's my version of true "flower power". I had so much fun creating this look. The bright, very bright, yellow green color just set the pace for me and inspired this outfit. The tights looked okay but then I had this idea to hand-stitch little black x's up the seam and that worked so well that it had to have a mini skirt in a sharp contrast black to show off those legs. then back to a simular hue of bright yellow green to make the top. Then of course the headband and the hand-crocheted flower with a glass bead center was a must for the pretty hippie girl. The belt made with the "love" beads made a statement too and then the jewelry had to convey a clear message of what this girl is all about. I think the task was accomplished. What do you think?

More Power to You!

1 comment:

Annie said...

This is lovely, I think the shoes are perfect too. Love the seam on the stockings, the little x's. This is my favourite so far.