Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pregnant Midge has Style

So, Midge and I had a very nice photo shoot. She's like a pro at it. I kept asking her if she was okay or if she needed to sit down for awhile but no, she is such a trooper. She said "The light is good right now so let's get all the shots we can!"

She was right! The light was perfect. That early morning sun really brought out her sparkle. She had a glow aboout her.
She wanted to show all the details that makes her outfit so special.

Right down to her well fitted legging/tights and the leg warmers. Then of course we had to have the glamorous tummy shot! Midge said, "Well, Demi did it!" Then she said, "I'm done, I need a nap before Alan comes home with Ryan!"

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