Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, here are the
leg-warmers that I thought this outfit needed. I saw this yarn and thought wow! it looked like so much fun and I think I was right. These again, of course, are knit in the round with 4 needles so there are no bulky seams. They stretch easily over the leggings and fit firmly. I think the guys are impressed. They are busy showing off their new sweaters and beanie caps.

I would have had these on here sooner but hubby got sick with pneumonia and has been home for over a week and today was the first day I spent enough time in the sewing room to get something done. I have been working on pants for Ken. He is just hard to fit but I'm getting there. The sample pair seemed to turn out nice. I'll get some more pictures up tomorrow. Hubby is calling... Good night!

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ttiigeerr said...

Oh wow Christine, sorry to hear about your husband, how is he now? Hope he's done with it. And those leg warmers what a great idea, lovely color too.