Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spring IS Coming!!

This was a surprise outfit as I had no idea what I was trying to make until it was made! If that makes any sense at all! I was just trying out some new needles and yarn and it just grew into this sweet little skirt and top. The skirt has a ribbed waist that I added last to make it slip on easy and hug the waist . The top has straps that cris-cross in back and button in the front. The buttons are crystal and I added a baby blue ribbon threaded through the knit-in eyelets on the skirt and then tied the ends in a bow. The doll has flat feet so it gave me an opportunity to make her a pair of sandals with crystals that match her buttons. She really should be wearing long-johns as it was very cold out and I was shivering taking these pictures. But Spring is just around the corner! Right?

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Court :) said...

How gorgeous is this:) Love it Christine:)it's a crazy time atm and promise to email as soon as I can. I am off to Brisbane for a week on Frid visiting family.