Friday, August 28, 2009

Annie's Dream

This little gal is a true labor of love. When I found this doll, I immediately thought of my dear sister-in-law and best friend, Annie. I new she had to have something very special made to play up all the beautiful features this doll has, especially the red hair and freckles. Her full head of hair really looked great out long, but when I finished the dress it was clear a different do was needed and so I came up with this unusual braid that looks more like a weave. I think it was the perfect compliment to a beautiful doll.
She is at home now with her new owner and I hope she is a reminder of how much I love and miss my Annie. Every girl needs a doll. All my love to you sweetie!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I received the most wonderful feedback and even a follow-up letter from Kate. She bought the "flirt skirt" shown below and a plain closet wardrobe, like the one below only not painted. I have to say she made me feel so good about what I do. She recognized all the little details I do to make a purchase special. The extra effort and time I spend is meant to make my buyers feel extra special. I don't think it is a waste of my time even if no one notices. But once in a while, someone like Kate, takes the time to expand on her feelings, not just to say thank you, nice job...but to really tell me what she liked about her purchase. She fine-tuned in on the details that are so often times over-looked and taken for granite. Thank you so much Kate, for making my day and inspiring me to continue to add those extra things. If you are reading this, remember to be free with your appreciation, expand your thanks. This world needs more people like Kate.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You got to see these!

These are my new babies (rascals) from Andrea. Are they awesome or what? The one in the middle was a custom order where she changed the original little boy of "the devil made me do it" pouring the water, into a little girl pouring the water over the head of the other little girl. This is a perfect image of my two daughters when they were growing up! Andy you did a terrific job and these will be cherished. Thank you. (Andy's Rascals is found in my favorite links)

Monday, August 24, 2009

What a Week!!

Well, hubby had to train a night crew this past week so that meant he worked graveyard. That really messes with with the sleep! I sort of lost track what day it was... funny how that works. Even when things are sort of back to normal it is hard to get back into that regular pattern. Oh well, you do what you have to do...right?

So, what did I get done? Not a whole lot! A few custom orders. Another knitted sweater for my friend in San Francisco. A V-neck this time and I thought it turned out very nice. Then a very dear lady in the land of OZ (Australia) by the name of Courtney ordered a custom painted wardrobe closet in shiny black. At first I thought "Hmmmm" but it looks fantastic. Oh, and Cortney makes the most beautiful cards. I will put her link in my favorites soon.

A very lucky lady bought my "flirt skirt" bikini. It was one of my favorites and I will hate to see it gone. I will have to make more of that design. Anyway, I made the beach bag and towel to go with it this morning and, of course, the mini Vogue magazine. It makes the whole package fun.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's heating up again!

Whew! It is hot again. Not as bad as the last heat wave but summer is still hanging on. I got to do something really cool. I was asked to make a replica of a vintage Ken sweater called Hiking Holiday. I was sent the original and had a great time working out the stitches and pattern. I found some fantastic hemp blend yarn in a nice weight and used size 0 needles. I'm waiting to hear from the buyer so I can get it sent back. Here are the photos I took of the sweater I made and the original, as well as a pair of leather sandals I made for the order too.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Doll Shows

I am so excited. I will be going to my first doll show in Tacoma, Washington, at the Tacoma Dome, October 21-25, 2009. My friend Andrea, wildflowerdolls , invited me to stay with her as a guest and do the show with her. I am so honored. I don't know what to expect except to see some great talent. So, I guess that means I better kick it up a notch so I can bring a worthwhile supply with me. I am so excited!! Thanks Andy for your generous spirit and kind hospitality.

Up-date on the "Blue Frill" Sweater

This is an up-date on the blue frill sweater. It just never looked finished to me. I added a couple extra layers of crocheted ruffles and that made the white 'dickie' part receed back for a more layered look. This is a very feminine top. I gave my doll a new 'do' too. She has a lot of hair and this is an interesting and different kind of a braid. I also made her some jewelry, a matching necklace and bracelet of glass beads. A very unique look.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pink "PJ" Party

Pink is the perfect color for a great pajama party, don't you think? This is a sweet little outfit I actually made for my friend Lisa, of lisadqueen. She is making me some of her amazing granola. I love to barter. This set is OOAK though I will be making something simular and will offer it in my Etsy store. This outfit has a beautiful pull over tank top with a tie and accented with a pretty ribbon rosette. The bottoms are a pair of my skinny pants with extra layers of elastic lace. I also made her sweet little bootie socks that shoes can also be worn over them and a pretty hairband accented with another ribbon rosette. This is a fun addition for anyone's collection. Great for kids, too. I'm going to have to make me a set like this!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dori's Dream

This beauty was so much fun to make. First, it is easy to make something for someone special. I made this for my daughter, Dori. I haven't made her doll clothes for a very long time! She still shows the same amount of enthusiasm. I will have to post an actual picture of the dress under the real rabbit fur stole later as I seem to have forgotten when doing this shoot. Her dress is a very sexy form fitted mermaid with a lovely lacy "tail". I then made a real rabbit fur stole, (which I still have a tickle in my nose from!) The stole is fully lined and closes with an antique cover snap I salvaged from a very old coat. I gave her a glass bead bracelet on a stretchy elastic band so it can be removed. Her necklace is real silver drop on a delicate silver chain with two glass beads. The doll already had earrings. Just a pair of strapy heels completed the outfit and the sexy updo hair finished the whole look. Dori was surprised and happy.

The Lovers...

What a great story this photo shoot became! Was it a chance meeting? Long lost lovers? Perhaps a secret rendezvous? Whatever your imagination comes up with, these two clearly look darn good together. Dressed for the crisp Fall air, their sweaters will keep them warm and cozy.
Credits for the lovely moss green sweater coat goes to my amazing and terrific mother-in-law whose talents are clearly seen in this exquisite design. The firey red/orange sweater is my "winging" it design. The colors are the best for the up and coming season. Available in September in my Etsy shop. Would you like to see more of these?

Shout Out for My Friend...

My friend and fellow doll lover, Karen of FinindiansOriginals, has a blog of her own now. Take a look at her lovely ladies...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool Sparkle

I know it is still hot out but Summer will be over before we know it and the colder weather will be the new complaint. My model here is wearing a lovely outfit I call "Cool Sparkle". You might recognize the sweater fabric, yes it is the same material I used for the beautiful "Winter Wonder" glamour gown. It is such a soft knit, just feels good to touch and has a sparkle throughout. I wish I had loads of it, but, I don't. The skinny pants are made with a cotton lycra stretch fabric with a glitter-like sparkle of its own in the design. She took on a look like she just came in to the lodge from a day of sking to warm herself by the fire and have a hot toddy.
This is part of my more casual line of clothes, easy to mix and match. Very child-friendly. This outfit, that is, the pants, sweater and headband, will be added to my Etsy shop in September.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doll Show Dolls

Are these fantastic or what??? These lovely dolls were made by my friend and fellow doll lover, Andrea, of "Wildflower Dolls". ( the link is in my list ) She has a unique process of making a molded head, which she designed, then paints it and adds the hair, then adds it to a fashion doll body. She made me proud by asking for outfits from my line of clothes. Fashions and dolls together makes these truly One-Of-A-Kind beauties. Click on the images to get a closer look.
Andy will be showing her dolls at a couple of shows in October and December, yes, wearing my clothes! Cool. I hope to go too since it isn't that far from me. I'll post more information on them later. For now I just want to say I feel so honored. Thank you Andy!