Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool Sparkle

I know it is still hot out but Summer will be over before we know it and the colder weather will be the new complaint. My model here is wearing a lovely outfit I call "Cool Sparkle". You might recognize the sweater fabric, yes it is the same material I used for the beautiful "Winter Wonder" glamour gown. It is such a soft knit, just feels good to touch and has a sparkle throughout. I wish I had loads of it, but, I don't. The skinny pants are made with a cotton lycra stretch fabric with a glitter-like sparkle of its own in the design. She took on a look like she just came in to the lodge from a day of sking to warm herself by the fire and have a hot toddy.
This is part of my more casual line of clothes, easy to mix and match. Very child-friendly. This outfit, that is, the pants, sweater and headband, will be added to my Etsy shop in September.

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