Saturday, August 1, 2009

Your Comments

I Took The Handmade Pledge! I so appreciate the comments from all that take the time to look at my designs. It would be really nice if once you choose to "hate it" "like it" or "love it", that you would leave a note to explain why. It would help me to improve what I do.

Everything I do is truly handmade and from scratch. I have few standard patterns, I have made, that I follow. Different things inspire me, a beautiful doll, a great fabric, even an amazing color. I will work at something until it looks like what I see in my mind.

I recently sold a few bikinis to a lady in Australia, who was very honest with me. Although she loved the suits she did point out some flaws that I now take special care of so that my future suits will not have the same problem. The flaw was some fraying on the ends of the elastic "strings" that I didn't consider happening. Thank you Donna for your honesty and help. I now take special care to seal the ends to prevent fraying.

So please help me improve my art. Thank you.

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